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Hi there, and thanks (or ‘diolch’ as we say in Wales) for stopping by…

I’m Helen, a Wife, Mum and dog owner with a serious affinity for home styling, and interior design.
My passion for renovation and room transformations is home grown. After successfully completing a number of major house renovation projects of my own, in both a new build and more recently a Grade II listed property, I’m super excited about sharing my knowledge, experience and flair for design with others.


I love discovering interior bargains. In fact, nothing in my current home has a ‘designer price tag’. Although that may surprise some. I’m always sourcing the best buys from high street stores, and I make it my mission to be able to replicate the ‘look I’m after for less’ with effortless style.

I have always been transfixed by the ‘before’ and ‘after’. The process of ‘change’ whether it’s a simple upcycling project or a complete room re-design has always thrilled me.


I’ve learnt over the years, that not everything has to match! Whether it’s a feature home accessory, a treasured family heirloom or that item of furniture you just can’t bear to part with, these elements of variety all help to bring a home to life over time.

Personally, I find that people rarely long to create an exact ‘clone’ of someone else’s home. There may be elements they admire, aspire to and long to incorporate into their property, after all, we all look to others for inspiration. But in essence, a ‘real’ home comes from within. A place that should reflect personal taste and individual lifestyle.

So if you like the way I tick, and think I can help you, please get in touch and as we say in Wales… let’s get cracking …

So now it's time to get to know you, so we can weave some interior magic together ...