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Fabric is your friend…

If I haven’t fessed up already then here it is… I am a total fabric junkie. I love nothing more than pouring over fabric samples and getting totally inspired for a room re-design by a single square of material.

The variety and quality of fabric available nowadays is nothing short of incredible. But for some, the choices on offer can become over-whelming. Pinterest is an amazing source of inspiration for us all. For some, however, despite saving hundreds of pins, this can often paralyse, and prevent decision making and action.

For me, many a successful room design has been created by falling for a gorgeous fabric. So, I thought I’d share some examples …
For me, many a successful room design has been created by falling for a gorgeous fabric. So, I thought I’d share some examples …

Green Floral Fabric

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In our living room six large arch windows act as a picture frame to the flower boarders. So immediately, I knew I wanted a floral pattern to echo that view. As soon as I spotted the ‘Hana’ fabric by Villa Nova, I instantly fell in love. And I knew how I would incorporate a grey sofa with hints of green and pink to modernise the traditional décor.

Blush Fabric

The same process followed in our Master bedroom when I first spotted the ‘Grace’ oyster pink scatter cushion from I loved them instantly and just had to have these as the accent cushions on our bed. I could visualise them sitting perfectly amongst shades of grey and white to create a calming look with just a touch of femininity.

Paisley Fabric

In our lounge, as the room is so large, I knew I needed to go slightly bolder with the colour choices. I wanted a classic look, with a slightly more grown up feel. I felt the space and room height demanded it. As soon as I saw ‘Odalisque’ in The Tuscany range by The Design Forum I knew this fabric was ‘the one’.

With its warm grey tones and accents of blue, teal, and burnt orange, I knew it would give me a pop of much needed colour. It also allowed me to be more playful with the décor introducing some bold teal velvet armchairs I had spotted from

Each one of these rooms has a very different look and feel to them, but the backdrop is always a ‘play it safe’ shade of grey. This helps with consistency and a flow to the rooms. The fabric pattern, however, has allowed me to introduce very different accent colours to each room.

Made to measure curtains, blinds or cushions aren’t cheap. So to compensate I have shopped around in high street stores for the rest of the décor. There are some amazing bargains to be had, even in the home sections of supermarkets these days.

Girls Bedroom

I have carefully selected some much less expensive but no less stylish cushions for my little girls’ room. As we all know, accidents happen, and kids’ rooms aren’t necessarily the place to splurge the budget. These really cute accent cushions in my daughter’s room are actually from Asda Home and I love them!

If you need any further detail, please contact me.

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