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Console Styling

Console Styling – Hints & Tips

Due to the size of the Barn and the number of rooms we had to fill with furniture, we now have five different console tables or sideboards. I fully expect this number to continue to grow!

Some are open at the base, so the storage/display options are on show. Others are more closed where a vail of mystery can be drawn around its contents. The top of each of these lovely pieces of furniture however, in my opinion, needs to remain a thing of beauty.

Like with any aspects of styling there are ‘no rules’ in my book. But I thought I’d share my approach to styling these key pieces in my home.

Console Styling – Hints & Tips

As with most things in a house, I love a bit of symmetry. (Not always easy in a Barn, I’ve learnt.) So, for me, I tend to start by placing two large table lamps at either end to anchor the two sides, & to provide light and ambiance in the evenings.

Behind the piece of furniture itself, there are numerous options, if you want to hang things on the wall. My favourites tend to be a feature mirror, a piece of framed art or a single large print.  Alternatively, you can place a selection of framed prints, evenly spaced, to maintain balance. So, two, four, six or a larger number if the space allows for it.

Console Styling – Hints & Tips

On the surfaces itself, the world’s your lobster… It’s the place for the items in your home you really love and want to display. Treasured possessions, a family air loom, or maybe just something you bought on a special holiday or an ornament that you adore.

Just don’t be tempted to overdo the number of items and make it too cluttered. Less is more, and that way you can change it up once in a while to keep the look of the room looking fresh. It’s also easier to dust & keep clean!!

I tend to include jar candles, vases, china, and photographs of the family. My items are usually grouped in threes to add variety. I try to vary the heights to keep the interest and use accessories with different textures, although I try to keep within the colour palette of the room.

Console Styling – Hints & Tips

Play around with the positioning of items until you are happy with the way they look. It often takes quite a bit of arranging (or faffing as I call it) before you are satisfied with the final positioning. Avoid everything being placed in straight lines. Try to mix it up a bit!

Another great centre piece for a console or sideboard which adds a pop of colour is a vase of flowers. Real or faux, it doesn’t matter. Although, make sure they look authentic to keep things ‘classy’. This nod to nature is always aesthetically pleasing and can be updated along with the seasons.  Just make sure the style of the arrangement compliments the type of vase, jug or vessel you place it in.

Some of my other favourite items for display are ginger jars, and stacked books placed on their sides. If you want the books to be a certain colour you can even paint the covers to match using old tester pots to save money!

Console Styling – Hints & Tips

Display corals, either a flat lay piece or a piece mounted on a stand are also popular at the moment and easy to find online.

On an old reproduction sideboard that I recently painted & upcycled; I’ve used a drinks tray to add a different display element. It’s quite a practical choice as the kitchen is a fair way from this room if you fancy a tipple.  It looks great and also adds a touch of glamour to the setting.

If your console is open at the bottom you can use the same principal of display as above but also add in attractive storage baskets for practicality.

Items that work on one piece of furniture might not work in another. Each room’s display may require an alternative look based on its existing décor.  Just remember, you can’t get it ‘wrong’, so just try out some new things until you find the look you love.

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