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Faux foliage rocks

I’d like to think I’m quite a caring person but… I have a confession to make, this care doesn’t always translate to the natural world. My name is Helen and I am a plant killer…

Faux foliage rocks

Whether it’s the heat from our Aga or the fact I forget to water things correctly, the simple fact is, I can’t keep real plants alive in our home.

I love our garden. I adore flowers and foliage of all kinds. However, a short while ago I accepted the startling truth. Purchasing faux foliage was the only way to go if I wanted the best effects of greenery, and a touch of nature in our home.

The availability and quality of faux plants, flowers and foliage has improved immensely over recent years, as their popularity has grown. And you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get great looking realistic plants.

Faux Orchids

In this blog, I thought I’d share a few of the plants I’ve purchased and show you how a touch of greenery around the place can enliven your décor.

Large orchid displays can be super expensive, so I have found some amazing cheaper versions in The I have seen a few creative people use a number of these clubbed together in a larger pot to make one huge arrangement and create an amazing oriental vibe.

Faux Orchids

Marks and Spencer had a fantastic range this year, I literally could have bought the lot but for once, I managed to exercise some restraint and limited myself to a lovely faux aloe vera looking number that sits proudly on my kitchen worktop. is an amazing little home store who also sell the little cute pots for their beautiful selection of faux plants to sit neatly in. Many are inexpensive and look so realistic, lasting years and requiring only an occasional dust. So nobody need know they aren’t the real deal!!

Eucalyptus stems…

Everybody seems to be obsessed with the humble eucalyptus plant at the moment and I’m no exception. They have even influenced my branding!!! I have a few bouquets of it dotted around the Barn. I have some inexpensive plain green stems bought for just a few pounds in Dunelm
I also recently purchased some larger faux stems which are green and blush. They are simply stunning and pick out the pink accents in my living room and Master bedroom scheme.

Faux Orchids

The single stems of eucalyptus stems are lovely to add to flat lays showing clients how plants can be incorporated into room schemes to bring them alive.

Foliage in design

I am now on the lookout for a tall faux olive tree to put in a large pot in my lounge, but the search continues. At the moment I’d need to sell a kidney to be able to afford the ones I like. If anyone spots a pretty realistic number that doesn’t cost the earth, please let me know. I’ll be all ears.

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